Monday, 14 September 2015


We are learning about Rangatiratanga (Leadership and initiative).

This is what we think Rangatiratanga is...
  • Helping new kids –showing them what to do and where things are
  • Doing something without being asked
  • Helping
  • Solving problems for ourselves… thinking
  • Leading by example… showing by doing
  • It is not being a bossy boots
Rangatiratanga (Leadership and Initiative) - it is all about thinking and making some choices for ourselves. 

We need to think for ourselves!!

I show rangatiratanga - (leadership and initiative) in the classroom.
Kerri thinks

I show rangatiratanga - (leadership and initiative) in the playground.
Kerri thinks

My Reflection
I show rangatiratanga in the playground by: ask people to play my games so everyone has friends. Sometimes I play down the back but I should be down the front.

I show rangatiratanga in the classroom when: I use my I-time card.

Kerri Thinks
You show rangatiratanga when you do the right thing like follow your i time card and do lots of helping and tidying without being asked. Remember to make sure you are always trying your best like during realy words, make sure you say the letters and the sounds to help you remember the words.


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